Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University - [PU/AN/ASC/021/(1978)]
NAAC Re-Accredited 'A' Grade College


“A University stands for humanism, for tolerance, for reason, for the adventure of ideas and for the search of truth. It stands for the onward march of human race toward higher objectives. Universities are places of ideals and idealism. If the universities discharge their duties adequately, then, it is well with the nation and the people”. Jawaharlal Nehru. Education system in India, one of the largest in the world, is undergoing a transition to match the prevailing systems in the developed countries. In an environment of global competitiveness it is important that Indian Higher Education Institutions (HEI) display sensitivity to changing educational, social and market needs and gear up to promote an ambience of creativity and innovation.

HEIs need to adopt quality management strategies in all academic and administrative systems for the contentment of students, community and the nation. For the holistic development of students academic curricula need to be integrated with human values and social responsibilities. Keeping pace with the changing times the College takes every effort to provide quality education. This is evident from the fact that the College has made available a large number of degree courses and short-term need based inter-disciplinary certificate courses. Short term certificate courses are conducted for proficiency development of students and orient them in their future chosen professions.

The College has in-built mechanism to monitor Teaching-Learning-Evaluation processes. The College IQAC, with its TD-IQAC and SSD-IQAC identify lacunae before formulating and planning the activities at the beginning of each academic year. Transparency is maintained at every stage in formulating and executing the planned activities. Efforts are taken to ensure social justice and equity by providing Remedial Teaching to students from backward classes and providing special facilities to differently able students. Efforts are taken for computer literacy of students. ICT resources are exploited to optimum value. I wish all the students a very happy and joyful Learning experience while they are pursuing their UG,PG as well as certificate courses.

Principal Dr. Sambhaji Pathare