Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University - [PU/AN/ASC/021/(1978)]
NAAC Re-Accredited 'A' Grade College

Academic and Administrative Committees: 2013-2018


  1. Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Meeting Schedule:

Every Saturday at 11.00 am or as decided by the Chairman.


  • To discuss on the recommendations/suggestions of TD-IQAC and SSD-IQAC
  • To chalk out plans for various Administrative, Academic, Curricular, Research and Extension activities.
  • To supervise, monitor and assist in execution of all the planned activities.
  • Supervision over implementation of various activities.
  • To guide and give necessary directions to the TD-IQAC and SSD-IQAC.
  • All the records will be compiled and updated by the coordinator assisted by members.
  • Send a copy to planning and development board, SPPU, Pune.


  • Chairman :  Prof Dr Sambhaji Pathare (Principal)
  • Coordinator :  Prof. Suryakant Gadkari 
  • Member : Mr. Udaysinha Patil (Management Representative)
  • Member : Prof. Ramrao Deshmukh (Department of  Commerce)
  • Member :  Prof. Pankaj Gholap (Department of Mathematics)
  • Member : Prof. Nitin Walunj (Support Services)
  • Member :Prof. Vidya Thorat (Department of Economics)
  • Member :  Prof. Mahesh Selake ( Non Grant Faculty’s Representative)
  • Member :  Prof. Rajesh Kohak (Alumni Member)
  • Member :  Mr. Bidgar A. B. (Non-Teaching Representative)  
  • Member :  Miss. Kalahpure Pallavi G.  (Students’ Representative)


  1. Support Services and Non-Teaching IQAC (SSD-IQAC)

Work Schedule:

Hold at least three meetings in an academic year. Ist Meeting before July 10,  IInd in Sept last week and IIIrd before March 20.


  • Chalk out and implement various sports activities.
  • Chalk out and implement NSS activities.
  •  Identify and implement activities for the students’ welfare.
  •  Improvement in office system.
  •  Improvement in Library working (books and journals, book-bank scheme, reading hall rules, library hours and discipline).
  •  Feed-back to be collected from students on college campus and support services.


  • Chairman :  Prof Walunj N M  (Sports)
  • Member : Prof Gholap P S  ( NSS)
  • Member :  Prof Sandip Perane  (NCC)
  • Member :  Prof Jadhav A.B. (Student Welfare)
  • Member :  Prof Magar S.B. (Librarian)
  • Member :  Mr Kohokade Dattatray L. (O.S.)


  1. Teaching Departmental IQAC (TD-IQAC) for 2017-18 Work Schedule of TD-IQAC

Work Schedule: 

For Science (Semester pattern): Two meetings per semester: Ist meeting before July 10 and IInd meeting (Sept last week). Two meetings in IInd semester (Ist before Dec second week and IInd before March second week).

For Commerce and Arts (Non-semester pattern): Three meetings in a year. Ist before July 10; IInd Sept last week and IIIrd meeting in March 2nd week).


Conduct, minutes of the meeting and compilation of records and submission of reports on the following:

  • Distribution of work (theory and practical’s).
  • Teaching plans.
  • Result analysis (Twice for Science Ist and IIIrd meetings, and once for Arts and Commerce in Ist meeting).
  • Identifying slow and advanced learners. (A class test post admissions for the support).
  • Making provisions for the slow learners (Additional coaching, books, reading material).
  • Encouraging advanced learners (Books, reading material, question papers, discussion).
  • Generation and maintaining records of slow and advanced learners.
  • Identifying and making necessary provisions for the support to Backward Class and Minority students (Book-Bank, question paper, discussion)
  • Identifying and making necessary provisions for the support of economically backward irrespective of caste/religion (Book-Bank, earn and learn scheme, student welfare schemes).
  • Planning workshops/Seminars (in first meeting for sending the proposals before August).
  • Planning guest lectures under Quality Improvement Program before August to get sanction from BCUD.
  • Identifying certificate courses (inter disciplinary are preferred), discuss with college IQAC and finalizing administrative and execution details.
  • Co-curricular activities (quiz competition, essay writing, debates).
  • Collect feed-back from students (one before July 25 and two in March Ist week).
  • Analysis of feed-back and reporting to Principal.
  • Promoting research activities.
  • Promotion of participation of faculty in National and International Seminars and Conferences.


  • Maintaining minutes of the meeting signed by chairman, secretary and a member.
  •  Drafting three copies of the report signed by Chairman, secretary and member.
  • Submitting one copy to college IQAC.
  • Submitting one copy to NAAC coordinator for inclusion of report in Annual IQAC report.
  •  First report should be submitted before 10 of July every year.
  •  Second report for Science should be submitted before Sept 30 every year.
  •  Third report for Science should be submitted before Dec 20 and for Arts/Commerce before March 20.
  •  Fourth report of Science should be submitted before March 20.
  1. Local Management Committee (LMC)

(Constitution: As per section 85 of Maharashtra University Act, 1994)

College Development Committee ( CDC )

(Constitution: As per section Maharashtra University Act, 2018)

  • Chairman : Mr. Udaysinha Patil, Chairman SSSP Mandal.
  • Secretary :  Dr Sambhaji Pathare, Principal
  • Member :  Mr. Vijay Dattatrya Daule (Management Representative)
  • Member :  Mr. Shivaji Sayaji Gade (Management Representative)
  • Member :  Mr. Suresh Mohan Bhujadi (Management Representative)
  • Member : Mr. Dhanjay Prabhakar Mehtre (Management Representative)
  • Member :  Prof Balakrushna S Magar (Teachers’ Representative)
  • Member :  Prof Dr. Anita L Vetal  (Teachers’ Representative)
  • Member :  Shri Prafulla Bapusaheb Tanpure (Non-Teaching Representative)


  1. Committee for Planning, Development and Maintenance
  • Chairman : Dr Sambhaji Pathare, Principal,
  • Coordinator :  Prof. Rohokale G.Y.
  • Member :   Prof. Deshmukh R.N.    Prof. Gadkari S. S.          Prof. Dr Vetal A. L         

                        Prof. Jadhav A. B.             Prof. Bhadake V.V.        Prof. Gholap P. S.

                        Prof .Gade E.H.                 Prof. Kulkarni M.S.        Prof Jagdale P.E

  • Non-teaching staff representative / Secretary :   Mr. Kohokade D.L.
  • Students’ Representative            Miss. Khalapure Pallavi G. (Students’ Representative)

                                                                  Miss. Shaikh Sabiya R.       (Students’ Representative)


Chairman will look after technical matter related with ICT, UGC proposals, and affiliations for planning and development. The remaining members will assist the coordinator and will be responsible for all the development and maintenance work) Broad Area of Work: Identifying all the developmental needs, including new academic programs, seeking approvals, making provisions for resources (financial, human and infrastructure), identifying new proposals, drafting and submission of financial proposals for the approval from financial agencies including UGC, Government and the University. Infrastructure (buildings/hostel/library/campus/equipments/furniture) maintenance.

Powers and Duties:

  • College Web-site up gradation.
    Identifying new programs/proposals, making proposals for submission to UGC for grants.
  • Identifying needs for college development, including buildings, furniture, computers, furniture and campus development.
  •  Identifying electrical/plumbing/water supply etc needs and their maintenance.
  •  Managing efficient working of telephone/broad band and fax lines and machines.
  •  Management of Girls Common Room/Boys Rest Rooms and Health Centre.
  •  Management of girls’ Hostel and Mess.
  •  Management and supervision on Canteens in the campus.
  •  Implementation and execution of all the decisions taken by Local Management Committee for infra-structure development and maintenance including inviting tenders, keeping records of tenders received award of contract and completion of work.
  •  Supervision and overall management of short term certificate courses.
  •  The Secretary shall prepare the proceedings of the meeting that will be signed by more than four members including the Principal and Secretary.
  •  The Secretary shall submit the reports of every activity to the Principal and the Secretary of Local Management Committee.
  •  Up gradation and maintenance of Audio-Visual Room and other ICT teaching-learning resources.

Working Schedule:

  • The members will hold first meeting by June 25 to identify the works that needs immediate attention and distribution of responsibilities.
  •  The committee shall hold two more meetings, one before Dec 20 and the second before March 10.
  •  The members of the committee shall take a round of the entire college campus, buildings, laboratories and library on every second Monday of the month to identify maintenance work and talk to all the concerned to know problems regarding infrastructure development and maintenance.


  1. Committee for Academic Admissions
  • Chairman:
  • Chairman: Prof. Deshmukh R.N. 
  • Member:   Prof. Rohokale G.Y. (Technical)
  •                        Mr. Kapile D.T. (Non-Teaching)
  •                        Mr. Davkhar U.S. (Clerk)
  • Secretary:  Mr Kokhade D.L, 
  • Broad Area of Work: Study all the directives of the Govt./UGC/University regarding reservations and eligibility. Arrange for publication of advertisement for admissions, initiate admission procedure, preparing roll calls and making them available to all the concerned class teachers within prescribed time limit.

Powers and Duties:

  • Finalizing norms for the admission process.
  • Drafting and publishing advertisement before initiation of admission process.
  • Verification of admission forms/documents submitted by the students.
  •  Preparing provisional merit list and publication of the list. Inviting grievances before finalizing final merit list.
  •  Endorsing signature on forms of candidates eligible for admission.
  •  Generating and maintaining the record of cut-off marks, category wise and gender wise record of the students admitted.
  •  Generate a detailed gender wise report on number of students admitted from different categories (BC/SC/ST/NT/VJNT/OBC (non-creamy layer)/Minority and submit it to IQAC
  • Preparing roll-calls for the individual programs.


  1. Committee for Publication of Academic Calendar and College Diary

Chairman: Dr. Sambhaji Pathare, Principal 

Members:  Prof. Magar B.S. (Academic Calendar)

                   Prof. Waje G.V. (Academic Calendar)               

                   Prof. Gholap P.S. (Diary)

                   Prof. Bhadake V.V. (Academic Calendar)

                   Prof. Pansare D.N. (Academic Calendar and Diary)


Broad Area of Work: Prepare and Publish Academic Calendar and College Diary before commencement of the academic year.

Powers and Duties:

  • To collect information on various academic/curricular and extension activities planned by various committees.
  •  Submit the draft of Academic Calendar to the principal for final approval.
  •  To prepare and publish Academic Calendar before June 30.
  •  To submit the copy of Academic Calendar to the Committee for Planning, Development and Maintenance for up-dating Web-Site.
  •  To draft and arrange for publication of College Diary and all work related to printing before June 30.
  •  To arrange for distribution of final copies of Academic Calendar and the Diary to students/staff.
  •  The Committee shall submit its report to the Principal.


  1. Committee for Prevention of Ragging and Enforcing Discipline

       Chairman: Dr Sambhaji Pathare

       Coordinator: Prof. Walunj N. M.

Members:  Prof. Deshmukh R.N.

                   Prof. Dr. Vetal A.L.

                   Prof. Kulkarni M.S.

                   Mr. Popalghat A.R. (Non-teaching Representative)

                   Miss. Monali Gaikwad (Students’ Representative)

                   Miss. Bhaygshree Borhade (Students’ Representative)


Broad Area of Work: Prevention of Ragging in all its forms and enforcing discipline on college buildings and campus.

Powers and Duties:

  • To display bills/notices inviting complaints of threats and violence and ragging.
  • To hold enquiry within 24 hours in matters related to ragging.
  • Reporting to police the complaints of severe nature with prima facie truth.
  •  Submit a report on the same day to the Principal in the event of violence/report of receiving ragging complaint and action taken.
  •  To resolve, if any, disputes among the student groups.
  •  To take all the necessary action to maintain strict discipline in college buildings and campus.
  •  The members will collectively take a round of college campus randomly at least twice a week.
  •  To display notices of Lost and Found and perform all the related work.
  •  To seek police force during examination period, curricular events and all cultural events.
  •  To help in maintaining healthy academic atmosphere in the college campus.
  •  To submit report on the constitution of the committee to the University Anti-Ragging Cell.


  1. Committee for Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women Staff and Girl Students

Chairperson: Prof. (Ms.) Kulkarni M.S. 

Members:   Prof. (Ms) Dr. Navthar B.S.

                    Prof. Deshmukh R.N.

                    Prof  Dr. Vetal A.L.  

                    Prof  (Ms) Thorat V.B.

                    Miss. Shaikh Sabiya R (Students’ Representative)

                    Miss. Tarade Arati N.. (Students’ Representative)

                    Miss. Monali Gaikwad B. (Students’ Representative)                    

Secretary:  Ms. Mehetre M.P. (Support Services)

Broad Area of Work: Prevention of Harassment of Women Staff and Girl Students and promotion of gender equity.

Powers and Duties:

  • To take cognizance of all complaints, verbal or written, involving allegations of sexual harassment. The identity of complainant will be kept confidential.
  •  To hold non-judicial enquiry within 24 hours after receiving complaints in matters related to sexual harassment.
  •  The person accused of harassment shall be given opportunity to be heard before the members of the committee.
  •  If the accused person is a staff member he shall be forced to go on leave pending completion and final disposal of the case.
  •  If the accused person involved is a student he shall be barred from entering college campus.
  •  If the complaint is of severe nature and a prima facie truth is found in the complaint, facilitate the complainant to initiate legal action.
  • Redress all the complaints of minor nature taking all the possible action, including taking a written unconditional apology from the person accused of harassment.
  • To organize lectures of legal professionals on the issue of rights of women against sexual harassment.
  •  To take all the necessary action, like display of notices and bills inviting complaints of harassment, to promote awareness among the women of their rights against sexual harassment.
  • The members will collectively take a round of college campus at least twice a week.
  • The reports of all the complaints and action taken should be submitted to the Principal within earliest possible time.
  1. Committee for Welfare of Backward Class and Minority Students

Chairperson: Prof (Ms) Dr Vetal A.L.

Members:  Prof Angarkhe B.L.

                   Prof Shinde S.N.

                   Prof Gosavi N.B. (Jr College)

      Prof. Thorat V.B.

                   Mr Ashok Lambe (Non-teaching)

                   Ms   Musmade Gauri B                      (Students’ Representative)

                   Mr   Bhosale Amol   B.   (Students’ Representative)

Secretary:  Prof Gosavi R.S.


Broad Area of Work: To evolve a mechanism for effective catering the needs of the socio-economic and educational welfare of students from disadvantaged section of the society including Backward Classes and Minorities.

Powers and Duties:

  • To arrange for counselling of backward class and minority class students before initiation of admission process.
  •  To help nomination and election of such students on academic and administrative bodies.
  • To keep an up-date account of various scholarships/free ships available to students belonging to backward class and minorities.
  • To promote awareness about Earn-and –Learn scheme to such students.
  • To keep the record of current and past students belonging to these categories.
  • To promote awareness among such classes of students as to their rights in education and employment.
  • To counsel and guide students for various competitive examination and employment.
  • To arrange for Remedial Teaching for students belonging to theses classes.
  • To organize lectures on the issue of rights of backward classes and minorities.
  • To promote participation of such students in various curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • To promote among such students the awareness to undertake value-added need based and career oriented certificate courses.
  • The committee shall submit periodic reports to the IQAC giving a complete record of students admitted, scholarships and fellowships awarded, incremental promotion of students belonging to these classes and special efforts taken by committee to promote admission of such students.
  1. Committee for Redressing Grievances of Students and Staff

Chairman: Prof. Gade E. H.

Members:  Prof. (Ms) Dr. Navthar B.S.

                   Prof. Shinde S.N. 

                   Prof. Shelke M.M.

                   Ms.  Walke Sonali B.                        (Students’ Representative) 

                   Mr.  Nimase Rohit S.                         (Students’ Representative)

                   Mr. Thorve A.N. (Non-teaching)

Secretary:  Mr. Kapile D.T.

Broad Area of Work: To take cognizance of all the grievances pointed out by students and staff members in the matters involving infrastructure and to redress the grievances.

Powers and Duties:

  • To provide means for inviting and collecting grievances from students and staff on all matters concerning with infra structure and support services.
  •  To fix boxes for receiving Grievances and to keep record of the grievances and action taken.
  •  To hold fortnightly or monthly meetings to discuss the issues raised by the complainants.
  • To redress the grievance promptly if the complaint involved is of trivial nature.
  •  To forward the grievance to the Committee for Infrastructure Development and Maintenance and the Local Management Council if the grievance involved some new academic or infrastructure facility and policy decisions.
  • To bring to the notice of the complainant the action taken report.
  •  To submit the reports of the meetings and grievances redressed to the IQAC by the end of academic year.
  1. Committee for Community Services and Extension Activities (Other than NSS)

Chairperson: Prof. (Ms.) Kulkarni M.S.

Members:  Prof. Shinde S.N. (Debate and Essay Competitions)

                   Prof. Medakkar S.S. (Debate and Essay Competitions; Tours)

                   Prof. Dr. Vetal A.L. (Cultural Events)

                   Prof. Dr. Jagdale P.E. (Tree Plantation and Environ, Green Audit; Tours)

                   Prof. Wakchaure D. G. (Tree Plantation and Environment)

                   Prof. Jadhav A.B. (Earn and Learn, Anniversaries)

       Prof. Hulule S. N. / Prof. Shete S.S. (Adult Education, Literacy Drive, Anti-

              Dowry; anti-female foeticide, and anti-superstition)  

                   Mr. Nikam S.S. (Non-teaching)

                   Mr Dhonde Ganesh                   (Students’ Representative)

                   Mr Chindhe Abhijeet                 (Students’ Representative)

                   Mr. Mehetre M.P. (non-teaching)

                   Secretary:  Prof. Magar S.B. (Librarian)

Broad Area of Work: To plan and implement all the social activities including total literacy, adult education, cultural activities, cultural events, debate competition, dance competitions, tree plantation, tours and excursions, women empowerment awareness, celebrating girl child birth etc.

Powers and Duties:

  • To chalk out strategies for promotion of participation of students in all cultural and extension activities including community services.
  •  To plan and execute various cultural and extension activities.
  •  To promote awareness of social and economical welfare schemes of the government to the rural women.
  •  To plan special drives for promoting literacy in rural areas and organizing adult education drives.
  •  To encourage and prepare students for participation into debate and elocution competitions and cultural programs.
  •  To organize district and state level debate competition and cultural events by coordinating with Board of Students’ welfare, University of Pune.
  •  To facilitate participation of students in intercollegiate and interuniversity competitions held at other colleges including transportation and their stay.
  •  To organize tours and excursions.
  •  To prepare reports and take photographs of the events held and submit a copy to the IQAC and one copy to the Publicity Committee for display on Wall-Paper and inclusion in the College Magazine “Shivam”.
  •  Draft news and submit a copy along with photographs for publication in News Papers.
  1. Committee for Academic Orientation of Students

Chairman: Dr Sambhaji Pathare, Principal 

Coordinator:  Prof Gade E H. (Bahishal, Library Advisory sub-committee)

Members:   Prof. Dr. Navthar B.S.(Bahishal, Library Advisory sub-committee)

                     Prof. Bhadke V.V.(Coordinator for College and University Exams)

                     Prof. Deshmukh R.N.(Library sub-committee)

                     Prof Magar B.S. (College and University Exams)

                     Prof Waje G.V. (Time Table and Class Room allocation)

                     Prof. Magar S.B. (YCMOU Coordinator)

                     Prof. Dr. Jarange B.A. (Library Advisory sub-committee)

                     Prof Shelke M.M. (Technical Assistant for Library sub-committee)

                      Mr    Kadam Vishal B                                                       (Students’ Representative)

                     Ms    Sakhare Shivani G.                                                  (Students’ Representative)

                     Ms   Karle Archana B.                                                        (Students’ Representative)

                     Mr. Tanpure P.V. (Jr Clerk)

                     Ms. Thorat V.B. (Support Services)

Secretary: Magar S.B. (Librarian)


Broad Area of Work: To plan and implement all the academic and related activities including Time-Table; Allotment of Class Rooms; Term-End Exams, University Exams, Library Advisory ; Bahishal (virtual class room); YCMOU programs, Certificate courses/ exams, Promotion of students’ participation in research and encouraging them for higher education and research. Promote participation of students in syllabi revision workshops.

Powers and Duties:

  • To prepare Time-table of teaching program (other than practical for Science Students) and to allot class rooms for each program.
  • Scheduling the term end exams for Arts/Commerce and FYBSc, conducting exams, allotment of supervision, prevention of unfair means in exams.
  •  Organizing Evaluation program for term end exams and for FYBSc annual exams.
  • Scheduling the declaration of result for term end and for FYBSC annual pattern.
  •  Conducting all the programs under YCMOU including registration, teaching program and examinations.
  •  Organizing “Bahishal” activity, inviting peer lecturers, organizing lectures, drafting reports and submission of reports/photographs to IQAC and Shivam and sending a copy to University authorities.
  •  To supervise smooth functioning of Library, purchase of books, journals, issue of books, library records, book-bank scheme, library working hours, etc.
  •  To chalk out strategies for promotion of participation of students in all academic activities.
  •  To keep updated the teachers and students on any changes in the syllabi and examination schedule.
  •  To make available all the learning resources as per the syllabi.
  •  To facilitate individual departments for the organization of Peer lectures.
  •  To promote participation of students in Workshops/Seminars and their participation in research activities. To encourage them for pursuing higher learning.
  •  To promote participation of students in research projects at PG level, Avishkar (State-level research project for students sponsored by His Excellency, the Governor of the State) and other major/minor projects sanctioned to individual staff members.
  •  To evolve mechanism for mentoring of students.
  •  To organize felicitation of meritorious students.
  •  To organize felicitation of students who have won prizes and awards in various competitions.
  •  To facilitate participation of students in various events held at other colleges including transportation and stay.
  •  Prepare reports of various activities and achievements and submit the copy of reports/photographs to college IQAC and Publicity Committee for publication in News Papers/Wall Paper and Shivam.
14 . Committee for Professional Development of Staff

Chairman: Prof. Dr Jarange B.A. (Staff Academy, Communication skills)

Members: Prof. Rohokale G.Y. (ICT training)

                  Prof. Medakkar S.S.

            Prof. Dr. Navthar B.S.(Research)

                  Prof. Gholap P. S. (Research and BCUD)

                  Mr. Guldagad S.L. (Non-teaching)

                  Ms. Mehetre M.P. (Non-teaching)

Secretary: Prof. Deshmukh R.N.


Broad Area of Work: Staff Academy; Research Cell; Promotion of ICT in teaching, Promotion of ICT use, Facilitating organization of seminars and workshops, Facilitating participation of staff in workshops/seminars, Training of non-teaching and support services staff in use of ICT.

Powers and Duties:

  • To organize lectures by staff members on inter disciplinary subjects under the aegis of Staff Academy.
  • To keep the staff members update on the notices and circulars of various funding agencies including UGC, CSIR, and BCUD.
  •  To assist in preparing research proposals of individual staff members and forwarding them to various funding agencies.
  •  To monitor ongoing major and minor research project.
  •  To assist in research paper writing and publication.
  •  To encourage participation of staff in International/National conferences and seminars and keeping records of such activities.
  •  To facilitate organization of Seminars and Workshops in collaboration with the University under the Quality Improvement Program.
  •  To organize special drive for the promotion of ICT by the staff.
  • To promote participation of non-teaching staff in Soft-Skills Development Program 

conducted by the University.

  • To organize training of non-teaching in use of ICT.
  • To keep records of staff who attended seminars and conferences.
  •  To keep records of all activities and submit report to IQAC and Publicity Committee.
  •  To submit report of various activities to the Local Management Council.
15. Committee for Health Services and National Development

Chairman:     Dr Sambhaji Pathare, Principal

Coordinator: Prof. Walunj N.M. (Health Services and Science Association)

Members:      Prof. Gholap P.S., NSS Officer, Prof. Sandip Perane, NCC Officer

                       Dr Jarange B.A. (Health), Dr. Navathar B.S. (Health)

                       Prof. Thorat V.B. (NSS), 

                       Miss. Monali Gaikwad                     (Students’ Representative) 

          Mr.    Shaikh Rehan                          (Students’ Representative) 

                       Ms FYBA (Students’ Representative)

Secretary:  Prof. Dr. Jagdale P.E. (Science Association)

Broad Area of Work: All activities involving NSS, NCC, Health Centre and Science Association.

Powers and Duties:

  • To promote participation of students in NCC and NSS program.
  • To facilitate organizing various activities of health Centre, NSS, NCC and Science Association.
  •  To inculcate the values of Good Citizen among the students by encouraging them to participate in Nation Building activities and National Integration Program.
  •  To Collaborate with NGOs and government organs for organizing Blood Donation Camps, Health Checkup Camps and National Vaccination Programs.
  •  To organize popular lectures/exhibitions on awareness on AIDS, Eye Donation and Body Donation.
  •  To organize camps and special drives to further the objectives of National Social Service Program.
  •  To facilitate activities of NCC including parade and attendance of camps by the cadets.
  •  To organize special coaching and training of NCC cadets for selection in Republican Day Parades.
  •  To inculcate leadership qualities among NCC cadets and NSS volunteers through their participation in various events and expeditions.
  •  Participation of NCC cadets, NSS Volunteers and Members of Science Association in Nation Building activities with stress on Poverty Eradication, Environment Conservation, Promotion of Scientific Temperament among the Farmers and Rural Masses and Superstition Eradication.
  •  To submit the report of all the activities to the IQAC and Publicity Committee soon after the events.
  •  Catering to academic needs of the volunteers if they missed academic sessions because of their attendance in various camps/activities. Make provision for out-of-turn appearance in term-end exams or organize special lectures for their academic performance.
16.Committee for Publicity

Chairman: Prof. Magar S.B. (Librarian)

Members:  Prof. (Ms.) Kulkarni M.S.

                    Prof. Shinde S.N.

                    Prof. Dr. (Ms.) Vetal A.L.

                    Mr. Davkhar U.S.

                    Ms Dhonde Ganesh A                                             (Students’ Representative)

                    Miss. Adsure Rohini                                                (Students’ Representative)

                    Mr. Somnath Pokharkar                                       (Students’ Representative)

Secretary:  Prof. Jadhav A.B.


Broad Area of Work: All activities involving College Wall-Paper, Shivam and publicity in News Papers.

Powers and Duties:

  • To give due publicity to all the activities/achievements of the college.
  • To build and maintain a rapport with local news paper reporters and news paper offices.
  •  To promote participation of students in Literary Work.
  •  To facilitate publication of various activities on Wall-Paper and “Shivam” the College Magazine.
  •  To plan and execute all the activities for the college Wall-Paper.
  •  To plan and execute all the activities, including editing and printing, concerning with timely publication of Shivam as per the directives of Board of Students’ Welfare, University of Pune.
  •  To organize publication ceremony of Shivam and its distribution to students and stakeholders.
17.  Committee for Sports, Annual Gathering and Prize Distribution Program

Chairman: Dr. Sambhaji Pathare, Principal

Coordinator: Prof. Walunj N.M., Physical Director

Members:     Miss.  Monali Gaikwad                     (Students’ Representative)

                          Miss. Bhaygshree Borhade               (Students’ Representative)

Secretary:  Popalghat A.R.

Broad Area of Work: All activities involving sport events/cultural programs and annual prize distribution function.

Powers and Duties:

  • To promote sport activities among students.
  •  To plan development of infra structure for sports and place the requirement to IQAC and LMC.
  • To facilitate students’ participation in sport events including their travel/lodging and transportation.
  •  To promote sports by planning various incentives to sportspersons including the benefit of ordinance 163 of University of Pune.
  •  To organize felicitation of sportspersons by recommending their names to LMC.
  •  To cater the academic needs of sportspersons like arranging for lectures or out-of-turn appearance for the term end exams if the sport person fails to attend exams due to overlapping schedules of sport event and term end exams.
  •  To keep records of all the sport activities, prizes won, events represented and scholarships awarded to sportspersons.
  •  To organize Annual Cultural Program and Prize Distribution Function and all the activities associated with it including inviting guest.
  •  To prepare periodic reports of various activities and submit them to college IQAC and Publicity Committee.
18. Committee for Career Orientation and Employment Guidance to Students

Chairman: Dr Sambhaji Pathare, Principal


Members:  Prof Shelke M.M.

                   Prof Gadkari S.S. (Soft Skills)

                   Prof Jadhav A.B.

                   Mr   Thorat Yogesh M.                             (Students’ Representative) 

                   Ms   Todmal Priyanka R.                          (Students’ Representative) 

Secretary:  Lambe V.T.

Broad Area of Work: All activities involving facilitation of students to Employment, Career Guidance and Extensive Orientation of students to various Competitive Examinations and Management of need-based value added Certificate Courses.

Powers and Duties:

  • To collaborate with industries for organizing on-campus placement camps.
  •  To organize career orientation activities, guide and prepare students for various competitive examinations.
  •  To educate students in self employment and inculcating entrepreneurship qualities in them.
  •  To organize popular lectures of peers from Industries/government bodies and academic institutions.
  •  Supervision and monitoring of all short term need-based certificate courses.
  •  To maintain the accounts for conducting short term Certificate Courses.
  •  To design and get printed stationary and certificates for the certificate courses program.
  •  To facilitate evaluation program for the certificate courses.
  •  To design and implement certificate/diploma/advanced diploma need-based courses for getting grants from UGC under XI plan of Career Oriented Program.
  •  To prepare and submit a report to IQAC and Publicity Committee.
19. Committee for Students’ Welfare

Chairman:  Dr Sambhaji Pathare, Principal

Coordinator: Prof. Jadhav A.B., Students’ Development Officer.   

Members:  Prof. Magar B.S.

                   Prof. Kulkarni M.S.

                   Prof. Dr. Jagdale P.E.

                   Prof. Dr. Vetal A.L.

                   Mr. Anil Deshpande (Journalist, Stakeholder)

                   Miss. Bora Punam                       FYBCom (Students’ Representative)

                   Miss. Khandagale Sunyana         FYBA (Students’ Representative)

                   Mr. Harichandre Rutuja              FYBSc (Students’ Representative)

Secretary:  Lambe V.T.

Broad Area of Work: All activities (other than NSS and Shivam) covered by Students’ Welfare Board of university of Pune including Soft Skills Development.

Powers and Duties:

  • To appoint a Students’ welfare Officer from among the member of committee for coordinating with SWB of Pune University.
  •  To attend all the meetings/workshops organized by the Board of Students’ Welfare, University of Pune.
  •  To plan and conduct Soft Skills Development program. Identify development in infra structure for Soft Skills program and placing requirements with Committee for Infrastructure Development and Maintenance
  •  Identify and implement schemes for welfare of students.
  •  To prepare proposals for grants under various schemes for students’ welfare.
  •  To monitor progress of schemes.
  •  To keep the record of students/schemes and generate separate record for beneficiary students belonging to disadvantaged section.
  •  To submit a report/photographs to IQAC and Publicity Committee.
20. Committee for Staff Welfare

Chairman:  Prof. Dr. Jarange B.A.

Members: Prof. Deshmukh R.N.

                  Prof. Medakkar S.S.

                  Prof. Dr. Vetal A.L.

                  Mr Kohokade DL (non-teaching)      

                  Mr. Lambe V.T (non-teaching)

                  Mr Khadake SK (non-teaching)  

Powers and Duties:

  • To create corpus of funds to support the following activities.
  • To organize at least one family get-together of all the staff members.
  • To organize felicitation of staff members who is retiring from his/her services.
  • To organize felicitation of staff members for their outstanding achievements in academic/research/social circles.
  •  To organize felicitation of staff members for some outstanding achievement by their family members.
  •  To organize tours and excursions of the staff members.
  •  To depute staff members to attend the joyful events like marriages and home warming ceremony on behalf of the college. 
  •  To organize brief ceremonies on the birth days of the staff for wishing.
  •  To depute staff to attend funerals and other events of grief on behalf of the college.
  •  To extend help and moral support to the staff during times of distress like illness/accident.