Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University - [PU/AN/ASC/021/(1978)]
NAAC Re-Accredited 'A' Grade College
  • Rules & Ethics for Students

  1. In order to become a member of the Library. The library membership from should be filled up in time and submitted in the Library.
  2. After getting the duly filled-up forms, the borrowers card will be prepared and every reader will get books for reading at home on his / her card
  3. Every reader will get a one book at a time reading at home.
  4. Reference books will not be issued for reading at home. They will be read in the Library.
  5. Students should ask for books by showing their identity cards. A student should be in possession of his / her identity card before entering the Library.
  6. Books taken for reading at home should be returned on the date mentioned on the given on the due date slip or before the stipulated time period. The time-limit may be extended in appropriate conditions, subject to the decision of the Librarian.
  7. Students should return the books on the given date. Otherwise they will have to pay the overdue charge 1Rs per day.
  8. The Responsibility regarding the books taken to read at home will be on the students.
  9. The Librarian can ask any user to return the book, taken by him / her at any time
  10. Readers shall be responsible for any damage or injury done to the books or other property belonging to the Library, and shall be required to replace such books, or other property damaged or injured or pay the value there of.
  11. The Library Attendant at the entrance is authorized to examine ever reader any time.
  12. Current periodicals are issued to be read in the Library premises only.
  13. All the books, journals etc. should be returned to the Library for physical verification on demand.
  14. Silence should be strictly observed in the Library.
  15. The members of our college staff and post-graduate are allowed to enter the book stack room. Others can entre only with the permission of the Librarian.
  16. Every student is expected to return Library books and get a clearance from the Library, Any kind of failure in clearance will authorize the librarian to halt transfer / degree certificate.
  17. The amount of the library deposits paid by the student in the first year B.A./B.Com./B.Sc. & P.G Class will be returned to her / him only when he / she leaves the college.
  18. If any students have suggestions, they should suggest in written form to the Principal or the Librarian. Proper suggestions will be duly considered.
  19. Ex. student can refer the college Library books by depositing the amount in college office.
  20. Proper suggestions from students are welcomed only in the written format.



  • Reading Hall Instructions for Students

All students availing the Reading Hall facility should note that

  • They should always posses their valid College I-Card/Library Card/Hostel I-Card while entering the library Reading Hall & produce the same to the library authority whenever demanded.
  • Every student should sign in the attendance register which is kept at the entry gate. Students doing the false or misleading entry in the attendance register will face strict punishment.
  • Smoking, chewing pan/gutka/tobacco etc., spitting, loud conversation & similar objectionable practices are strictly prohibited in the library reading hall premises.
  • Students should observe strict silence and switch off their Mobile phones in reading hall. They should not misuse their mobile phones/laptops in the reading hall. If found making noise or any kind of disturbance to others, the mobile phones or laptops will be confiscated.
  • Students should not disturb the arrangement of the reading hall furniture. They should not seat on the tables or damage the property of the college. If found guilty, the strict action will be taken against him/her.
  • Students staying outside the campus are not allowed to seat in the reading hall.

Violation of the above rules or misconduct by a member may invite discontinuation of the library privileges.


  • Rules for Faculty Members


  1. The following categories of staff-member can borrow the number of books as indicated against each category
    A. Teachers employed purely on temporary basis -05
    B. Confirmed teachers – 10
    C. Teachers for post graduate classes -10
    D. Non – Teaching staff – 04 books of general nature
  1. Reference books like encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, maps and rare- books cannot be issued.
  2. A book in many volumes cannot be issued except under special circumstances. If one volume of a multivolume book id issued and is lost, the price of the Whole set shall be charged.
  3. Journals and other periodicals are not issued at home Except for Xeroxing.
  4. A Teacher can borrow books of his own subject only.
  5. Every college teacher shall return all the books at the time of dispersal of classes for the purpose of stock – taking and binding of books. He may get reissued such book as are needed during the summer vacation.
  6. A Teacher can retain books of his subject for the whole academic year and of other subject for two weeks only.